Horse Hair Dish Brush

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The soft bristles have been carefully selected for use as a gentle everyday brush suitable for glassware and dishes, porcelain tubs, and other items around your home that require cleaning with a gentler touch. 

This handmade wooden dish brush is very special and has been hand crafted by visually impaired craftsman in Sweden.

  • The brush features an oiled birch handle and horsehair bristles that are naturally antibacterial and antifungal.
  • These brushes have been made to last and are intended for daily and continued use.  
  • They can be washed with hot water and dish soap at the end of each cleaning session.
  • These brushes are also a beautiful eco-friendly addition to your home and are aesthetically pleasing when left out next to the kitchen sink with a Marseille soap block or amber glass soap dispenser.

To use simply wet the brush under water, add your favourite soap to the bristles and begin lathering your dishes. Add soap as needed until your sessions is complete. Rinse with hot water and soap then firmly shake dry and set in a well drained dish on your countertop. 

To ensure your brush ages beautifully, its important to keep these brushes in a dry place between uses and to oil the handle as needed.