Original Oil Painting Framed - Sheep

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Original oil painting framed measures 4.75 by x 3.5 inches and features canvas pad with a professionally finished vintage gold frame.

This painting is ready to ship. 

Protected and preserved with a satin varnish. 

This is an exclusive and one of a kind painting that will not have reproduction prints made. It is truly special and exclusive to its new owner. It is also uniquely painted to fit this custom one of a kind vintage frame. 

Painting has been signed by artist on the back of the painting/canvas underneath frames dustcover. 

About the Artist

Brittany Sandie is an Oil and multimedia artist living in Prince Edward County. She is also the Owner and Co-founder of Cardinal Farmhouse. 

Each painting is quietly and intentionally painted in her home studio and uses a calming colour palette inspired by her surroundings and her childhood living by Lake Superior. 

Printing Process

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Preserving History

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