Marseille Soap - Vegetable Oil Slice on Rope

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Used around your home as a stain remover on textiles, floors, in your kitchen, bathroom, outdoors.  This handy authentic soap leaves your home squeaky clean without harming the environment. For laundry : grate or shred the soap to wash by hand or for use in washing machine.

It’s delicate and hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive skin types. Marseille soap is naturally effective for cleaning and the rope allows it to dry between uses and become a classic yet functional accent to your home.

Authentic Savon de Marseille has been used for hundreds of years around the home for many uses. 100% natural with no added scent, colour or preservatives, making it safe on the environment and protecting our rivers and lakes from pollutants. 

No two soaps are alike and may vary slightly from photos.