Evergreen Bundle

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Our winter exclusive evergreen bundle is unbelievably realistic and high quality. 

Features flexible fresh touch pine and cedar stems with soft, unbreakable pinecones. Stems are easy to fluff and secured with twine string.

Extremely high quality and timeless, this garland is meant to be versatile and last throughout many holiday seasons. 

Pro tip: for extra fluffing, use a hairdryer on low to soften and adjust the stems. 

Carefully Curated

We believe that home takes time. There is something truly special about a space that comes together over the years as you grow and collect pieces that reflect your unique story. Mixing old with new is the secret ingredient to our aesthetic and timeless appeal. We select items that build on one another so you never have to wonder whether things will look cohesive in your home.

Thoughtfully Made

In addition to carefully selecting items from artisans around the world, we enjoy making exclusive items for our own shop. Our pillows, embroidered lavender sachets and original artwork are a few of the beautiful things we are proud to offer our customers.