Marseille Soap - Olive Oil Slice on Rope

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Designed for use on face and body in the shower or bath.  Leaves your skin soft, rebalanced and clean without over drying.

It’s delicate and hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive skin types. Marseille soap is naturally effective for cleaning but the rope feature also makes this a classic yet functional accent to your home.

Authentic Savon de Marseille has been used for hundreds of years around the home for many uses. This version is intended for body and face and includes a rope feature for easy drying between uses. These soaps are naturally imperfect with an earthy scent that is even more subtle diluted with water. Does not contain any added fragrances but is also not a scent for everyone. If you are sensitive to unique natural scents, we recommend our soap collection to find the perfect scent. 

100% Natural with no added scent, colour or preservatives

No two soaps are alike and may vary slightly from photos. 


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